Informazioni Utili

The following categories can join our association:

  1. subjects who have obtained the qualification diploma following courses for Professional Football Scout, advertised and organized exclusively by the Technical Sector of the F.I.G.C;
  2. subjects who have obtained the qualification as a professional coach, from the Technical Sector of the F.I.G.C., or who are recognized by the latter;
  3. the subjects enrolled in the Special List of Sports Directors established by the Italian Football Federation with the C.U. n.61 / A of 13 June 1991 and subsequent amendments, including the subjects enrolled in the Special Section of the aforementioned list reserved for employees of the Sports Management or in any other Sections or categories that may be provided for by the F.I.G.C regulations;
  4. subjects who, despite not having obtained the qualification referred to in the previous points, have had proven experience and / or have practiced the profession as scouts in Professional Clubs of any Football Federation, for at least 5 years

By year of registration it is intended the sports season (1 July - 30 June), whose membership fee is equal to € 40.00

La regolarità del tesseramento consentirà all’associato di partecipare alle attività promosse dall’Associazione e godere dei servizi da essa disciplinati.

The payment of the membership fee must be made by bank transfer, the details of which will be communicated via email during the acceptance phase of the registration request.


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