We can achieve AIOC’s ambitious objectives with the collaboration and cohesion of its associates To make your voice heard and to play an important role in the development of our association, join us! The following categories can join our association: – persons who have obtained the qualification of professional football scout through the attendance and completion of courses advertised and organized by the Technical Sector of the F.I.G.C., and football scouts who’ve obtained license following course even out of FIGC in compliance with Technical Sector Regulation FIGC in force; – persons who have obtained the qualification as a professional football coach from the Technical Sector of the F.I.G.C., or who are recognized by the latter; – persons registered in the Special List of Sports Directors established by the Italian Football Federation with the C.U. n. 61 / A of 13 June 1991 and subsequent amendments, including the subjects enrolled in the special section of the aforementioned list reserved for employees of the sports management or in any other sections or categories that may be provided for by the F.I.G.C regulations; – persons who, despite not having obtained the qualification referred to in the previous points, have had proven experience and / or have been exercising the profession as scouts in Professional Clubs, of any Football Federation, for at least 5 years. In case of acceptance of the registration request, we will send you the bank details to proceed with the payment by bank transfer of the registration fee. Registration is ‘annual and its validity’ covers the competitive sports season (1 July – 30 June) The membership fee for the 2023/2024 season is € 40.00. The regularity of the membership will allow the member to participate in the activities promoted by the Association and to enjoy the services governed by it and access the reserved area of this site (under construction).