2020 was a difficult year for football scouts, creating problems in general for these trying to carry out their profession effectively, but also in many cases it gave rise to contractual difficulties. In response to these problems, a group of professional scouts, with years of top-level experience between them, finally gave concrete form to an idea many colleagues had been thinking about, and formed an association with the twin aims of contributing to scouts’ professional development and obtaining official recognition from football bodies of the professional status of the scout. And so AIOC was born:

A symbol that represents us.

the symbol of our association is the letter O wrapped in the colours of the Italian flag, representing our work in finding football talent. del talento. 

AIOC’s ambition is to represent its members while simultaneously aiding the development of a fundamental component of the football universe. SAs the leading scouts’ association, its aims are to obtain official recognition from C.O.N.I. and F.I.G.C. (Italian Olympic Committee and Italian FA) and to create a national register of professional football scouts. Another ambitious target is to work with the official bodies to draw up a national minimum contract to safeguard those working as scouts. To achieve these aims, the association intends to work proactively and in harmony with the F.I.G.C. and its technical department.